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We vote Obama in this house

November 3, 2008


I hate halloween :)

November 3, 2008

I don’t do Halloween for sure… And huh… Okay it’s nice for kids ! I know they love it and i understand…

What about adults ? lol… So friday i went out to West 4 to go to CVS just to buy some candies ( the only good thing about Halloween ! )… I get out after 5 minutes.. It WAS CROWD !!! A bunch of adults dress up… Bitchy Police girls, Cat girl, Wonder woman sexy, all boobs half out and small dress… COLD but anyway show your body seem more important lol… Then after i finnaly went out of the subway… HUH the parade was just there.. NICE…. I weren’t able to cross the street and CVS was just in the other side of the road… I wanted to go back to the subway ” CLOSE ” !!!! WHAT THE F***???

Okay so I called Frank, pissed off lol… He tried to calm me “ok just go to SOho”. “I don’t know where is SOHO from here”, Frank ” just go ont he opposite of the crowd on houston”… THANKS FRANK lol I finnaly went out of this S**** !! I never never saw the street with that much of people all dress up !!! So then i went to starbuck and wendy’s ! Looking at people in the street all dress up !

Halloween is a serious thing here :/

Common and Nerd

October 8, 2008

Malcolm Shabazz market

September 21, 2008

Thank to Erik Rico who told me about it i went to Malcolm Shabazz Market yesterday, on Harlem, 116th, between Malcolm Blvr and 5av.

It’s an “african” market, i actually saw more african than that but we are in NYC so ! I think we can’t find more african here. Clothing, jewelz (!!!!), decorations. Pretty good. I bought some earrings, neckless and bracelet. I might go there for my jewelz more often !

They are in this box, a lot of them i bought in BK and Soho, a woman sell some good earrings, natural one, on broadway and spring

I love my new t shirts, i think everybody will know it soon lol !

I think tge idea is great !

The last fews days/weeks :)

September 3, 2008

I saw an exposition of Dali at MOMA.

I did some pictures for Negus World.

And did BK bridge and Central park again

And went to see Raphael Saadiq for a free show, the video soon

Far from you, sometimes

August 6, 2008

I close my eyes with Some Jay dee or so in my ears… And i see this little red car, and Q tip singing Higher, the window open on the highway to the city of light…
I see this elevator, i see you, him, her, and you… Them.
And us… I think about what we used to be, what we are and imagine what we will be… Sometimes i’m scared… Sometimes I smile. Sometimes i cry, sometimes i close my eyes, and i see you and those places.
By the way, i finaly saw Higher in live, what a pleasur… The life is beautiful here, not perfect, but you have to enjoy those moments. I savour all of them. Without you, i learned to.
It isnt easy to assume the independance, the happiness and freedom. But i’m good.
I think about you sometimes, and sometimes i forget you for a second.
From time to time i speak with you.

Already this time ? I have to work tomorrow.

Well, my friends, See you later.
Maybe tonight.

Around 3 hours late… The show began around 3pm with kids in the hall… Then from Backstage thank to Frank & Miss info… Dead Prez, De la soul, The pharcyde, Ghostface & Rae, Mos def & Talib ( Blackstarr) with Pharoahe monch as guest for Get the F*** up ( bo bo bo ! ), Methode Man & Red man, Nas with Jay Z as guest ( yes, but i didnt see, because of the fucking security who didnt want me to go back in stage, and my bag and my cell phone and everything were backstage, so i had to figure out a solution .. i did and was too mad to go watch the end of Nas show ).


Q-TIP from the audiance, with Mos def AND

THEN (but my battery died… )

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST ! I just enjoyed them so much, all the day too ( tired ! but really cool ). But THEM … ah ! I wanted to see them so bad since a while ! I did !

And guess what ?

Busta was there for SCENARIO ! Here we go yo here we go yo SO what so WHAt THE SCENARIOOO !

But like i was in backstage all the day it wasn’t a surprise, but i still really enjoy it and couldnt wait to see busta on Scenario !! 🙂

Well just one of the nicer day in my life ! A hip hop day like i never had. With all the artists i love !

Next step : D’angelo lol

this week

July 21, 2008

This week : Nas and BBQ at prospect part.

Tuesday I went to Nasty Nas show at Blender at Gramercy theatre ! Damn hot there ! Wo people were looking at me jealous with my fan ! Even with the fan, too hot… It was suppose to start a 8pm… Was there at 7:30 wait with some nice music, the dj knew his classics and was happy to know it lol kind of ” well you want to listen to real hip hop ! HERE we go !! “… Seems really proud of him. But anyway it was a nice playlist, could do much better tho ! So Nas came around 9:00, not a big surprise, the guy like to make you wait lol. Kelis was there to support her partner, in a nice blue dresses.. With a weird blond wing… and too much make up a kind of too different from people in the place, even in the VIP place lol. It was a little place… And she came like she just came back from a shooting. Anyway.. The introduction of Nas was a kind of theatral thing. A white master speaking to a slave, callinf him “nigger, nigger, nigger”… And after Nas came began with some songs from the new album. a big fuck to FOX new lol… Some speach about Obama etc. And after Nas go back in the days, with all the classics ! CLASSICS ! It was really nice, but too hot, and nas isnt the best on stage.. Kind of boring…
I left before the end, in the same time than Kelis lol, trying to go out without that anybody saw her… But girls saw her “heyyy pictureeees” haha she didnt give a fuck…

Well after in the week i just work as always witht he kids. And friday i went to nyc, frank and his friend, david came to pick me up at penn station, i got this big bag cuz i will go to Fire island tomorrow, and two cake for the BBQ and a salad… So we went to buy some stuff for the bbq and for frank to do his cakes. Wait a lonnng time to pay damnn… Just 3 ladies were working, and one just shut the light off when it was our turn.. So we wait again !

After that we went to the aeroport of Newark to pick up another friend of him fro texas… And at least came back to BK !! Saturday we went to the bbq at prospect park, nice, really hot tho. Good meat, nice cake from frank lol. I stayed seat like all the time lol. next to a tree. And standed up to speak with Marco polo that i met one month ago with frank and Eva for a brunch, and Russel from The ARE, and Kerry or Kenny a friend of Frank.. After a while they left and i tried to play football wth some guys lol… pretty bad but i tried my best lol ! Gave up after i while tho lol they played serious game ! And after i left to go back to Frank’s apt.

Next week no BK, no NYC, no shows ! Just beach at Fire island for a week. And after that 3 august ! ROCK THE BELLS 🙂 with free tickets from frank – hum still wait to see them in real lol.